Saturday, January 31, 2015

Have a Fun Weekend!

Whoa. I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. We had our last standup at 11 pm last night, moved the last few tasks into the 'crushed zone', did a celebration dance, and took a deep breath. Today? Today is just for fun!

Today is for skiing and tubing, and fingers-crossed beer pong.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tahoe Workation

photo by forrest

Remind is doing a 'workcation' in Tahoe this week! We rented two beautiful houses (1 + 2), and the whole team is heads down on a secret new project. :)

Here are the things I'm loving:
- sleepovers!
- consuming way too many s'mores
- jenna giving me pointers on how to get sexy in the shower
- no commute
- programming next to the fireplace
- getting to really know my amazing coworkers

And some things I'm missing:
- cats
- standing desk
- home
- my favorite cheese + cooking

This is the typical scene at 9:03 PM:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Point Reyes Backpacking

Remember the short backpacking trip I went on last weekend? It was awesome.

It's super tough to get a weekend camping spot at Point Reyes. They get reserved months in advance. We actually took a chance by going out without a permit, and lucked out with this beautiful spot. (It was Sky 8, in case you're curious.) The weather was perfect, and we actually got to walk down to the beach and play in the water.

I already reserved another spot for March. Can't wait to be back.

Here's the video we made, if you'd like to see:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Have a Fun Weekend!

photo by todd selby

This week I managed to:
- lose my wallet on the #225 train
- come this close to getting a ticket for riding without my pass (it was the weirdest thing. they couldn't write tickets that night. lolwat. idk, ran out of ticket paper?)
- recover my wallet via caltrain's lovely lost and found (linking for future use :)

Special thanks to the special mama who actually went to the lost and found office for me. I'm so lucky! Of course, I was half-hoping I wouldn't find it and need to purchase a new wallet. (This and this were already on standby.)

It seems like I've had something planned for every weekend since Thanksgiving. It has been a crazy fun streak, but this weekend is for spontaneity (and maybe replying to that one email I've been putting off)! Plans or no plans, let's have a fun weekend, hm?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hilarious Lip Reading

OK. This is all over the internet. But I'm dying laughing right now, and I can't bear the thought of you possibly missing out on this gem.

Better get down, gonna dance good friend, jigga jig jabba jabba!

I like strong pickles, but not the funk-house kind. I'll throw 'em out!

Compliment-Worthy Shoes

It's barely after 9, and I already got three separate compliments on my shoes. That's what I call a good morning! (Disregard everything I said about not seeking being liked :)

My pair is a year old, and perfectly broken-in. Even has a couple of cat scratches and marks from being squeezed into bike pedal straps. Is it weird that I love them even more for it?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas '14

photo by forrest

I haven't graced you guys with photos of cats in a while. (This was the last post.) Well, you're in for a treat, because I made a video of mama's first Christmas in the US, and it turned out to be mainly of cats.

I know. It's late January. But I have quite a backlog. Here it is, if you'd like to see:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Say No to Pointlessness

Are you anxious about things you have no control over? Are you pursuing unattainable goals (ahem, being liked)? Doing other pointless things? I am. Far too often.

Maybe we'll do better keeping this tiny sentence in mind this week:
Nothing is worth doing pointlessly.
- Marcus Aurelius in Meditations

Friday, January 16, 2015

Have a Great (Long) Weekend

photo via

Happy Friday! I got a brutal case of winter blues smack dab in the middle of this week. I'm feeling much better now due, in no small part, to Forrest and the donuts he brought (from an un-named "hipster place in san mateo") at my darkest hour. How are you weathering January?

I'm off to Point Reyes for a one-night backpacking trip tonight! Can't wait to go to sleep early, and wake up to a gorgeous view (you should really click on that one).

Sending you lots of love. 8 weeks and 6 days until Spring! We can do it!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Ski Trip '14-'15

photo by alex

I went on this ski trip just over a month ago. Though it feels like it has been ages. So much has happened. (I mean, I didn't even have a proper ski jacket, nor a ski mask then. Amateur hour.)

I've always thought of skiing as a solo-activitiy (and felt sorry for all the people waiting in the non-single lines). This was my first time skiing with someone else the whole time. It was very fun! And made waiting for lifts infinitely less boring.

We hit our first lift around 9, and skied without stopping until after 3. Shortly thereafter, we burnt our mouths on bbq chicken pizza, gulped down giant glasses of water, changed into sweats in the parking lot, and drove home.

I made a little video, if you'd like to see:

Throwback thursday, amirite? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Male Characteristics

photo via life aquatic

You'd think that with a longer commute, I'd be finishing books left and right. Nope. Since starting at Remind, I've only finished one book. I find that if I have more time on the train, I'm more likely to take my laptop out and start working.

I'm slowly working my way through Lena Dunham's book. Have you read it? She's so down to earth. I feel like I'm chatting with a friend when reading it. (Even if it's a friend I mostly don't get.) And because it's broken up into fairly short sections, it has been the perfect book you can pick up whenever.

Just wanted to share one of the passages I highlighted:
I have been envious of male characteristics, if not the men themselves. I'm jealous of the ease with which they seem to inhabit their professional pursuits: the lack of apologizing, of bending over backward to make sure the people around them are comfortable with what they're trying to do. The fact that they are so often free of the people-pleasing instincts I have considered to be the curse of my female existence. I have watched men order at dinner, ask for shitty wine and extra bread with a confidence I could never muster, and thought, What a treat that must be.
- Lena Dunham in Not That Kind of Girl

Steak Salad for One


My anxiety about making dinner for myself is well documented. I usually end up not eating, or eating cheese until I'm full. Not last night. Last night started (like all great dinners start) with steak.

I usually reserve making this recipe for when I have a bunch of people over. But I discovered that it scales perfectly for one hungry human (+ a spoiled puppy).

The only part of that recipe you need to follow is the salad dressing. Even though you'll only use a spoonful of it, do yourself a favor and make the amount the recipe calls for. Trust me on this, you can put this stuff on cardboard and it'll be delicious.


There are a couple of non-negotiables here: steak (obvi), thinly sliced, crispy potatoes (because potatoes in a salad, people, you can't go wrong). Everything else is optional. I didn't have the patience for pickled onions, or the will to head out to the store for cucumbers, so I skipped those. A quartered radish? Yes. Half an avocado? Absolutely. Add a handful of greens, and you're set!

I wish I had more of these kind of recipes in my back pocket. Is it too late to make that a new years' resolution?

Friday, January 9, 2015

36 Hour Vacation

First week back is the worst, no? How are you holding up? I've been stoked for the weekend since... um Tuesday. Even though my skiing plans fell through last minute, the fallback plan is in motion. Leaving for a short getaway to my old stomping grounds tonight.

Can't wait to see the familiar places with a fresh perspective, and another set of beautiful eyes. :) Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stumble and Fall

I've been training for a half marathon (with the dude in the blurry photo). I accidentally left both of my pairs of running shoes at the office yesterday, so I ran like a n00b in Converse today. We were running an easy 3 mile run this morning when I took my first fall in years.

I'm still not quite sure what happened. I think I tripped on my shoelace? (It was undone when I got up.) Came away with barely a scrape. And we still made pretty good time (8:12 m/mi) despite waiting for traffic lights and my stumble.

Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow.