Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy Birthday, Vova!

My big brother turns 30(!!!!) today! How crazy is that?

Since he hates his birthday, I'm going to assume he had a normal day at work, followed by a commute to his dreamy house(!), and concluded by a dinner with Jackie. A normal day where nobody mentioned his birthday, not even once.

I racked my brain for presents for Vova this year. I came up with a million things, only to discard all of them. Nothing is good enough! I still think my best gift idea was a genius toilet paper dispenser that dispenses one sheet at a time (like tissues!). Vova was not impressed with my pitch. :)

Instead, here are some pictures and gifs of our vacation last year. Hope your 30th is filled with home renovation projects and kittens. You're the best brother, and I love you.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dinner Comfort

So, of course, you should cook tonight. You should cook to bring comfort to yourself and to others. You should cook because cooking is a civilized, cultured act. It is the opposite of violence, of hatred, of fear.