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Day 113 | mile 2648.9 - 2660.0 | 11.1 miles

I kept the InReach on all night to get updates from Alex. His flight was delayed. Then he had a long drive from Seattle to Manning Park. I was worried about him driving tired all night, so I’d wake up every hour or so to read his updates.
Alex made it to Manning Park at 5. Originally, we were going to meet at the border at 8. But then delayed it to 9 so he could get a little bit of sleep. I had been sleeping off and on since 9. So I was well-rested and ready to GO at 5:30. Haha. I only had 3.5 miles to hike to the border. Alex had to hike 8.

I had breakfast. One last oatmeal. Made tea. I laid in my tent and sleeping bag trying (unsuccessfully) to clear my head and meditate. My heart was racing and my feet were fidgeting. I put on a podcast to relax. My two camping partners packed up and left. People were passing by on their way to the border.
Finally, at 8, I packed everything into my bag one last time and started hiking. I collapsed my poles and put them in my backpack too. It was an ea…

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