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Day 50 | mile 906.7 - 914.9 | nearo in Mammoth

Woke up at 6. Forrest was fast asleep still. No continental breakfast at Motel 6. And I was hungry. Woke up Forrest because I knew he’d have breakfast researched and figured out. I love eating with Forrest.

Breakfast burrito and seared ahi tuna salad at Delicious Kitchen. The breakfast burrito especially was And fresh greens and tomatoes and cucumbers in the salad mmmm.

Next stop is USPS. I finally got the package that Philip mailed to Agua Dulce. That feels like so long ago! The box was in really bad shape from being bounced from town to town. I got a backpacker meal breakfast, a bunch of cooked bacon (so good to add to potatoes or ramen), lots of fruit snacks, and month old pine nut white chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were crumbly but still good! So fun to get a package.

Ranger station to get a wilderness permit for Forrest. Can I say how nice it is to have a friend with a car in town to drive you around?

Checked out of the Motel 6 and booked a room at Quality Inn. …

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