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Day 100 | mile 2275.2 - 2294.9 | 19.7 miles

Woke up with a layer of dirt on all the surfaces in my tent, my sleeping bag, my pot. It was windy all night. Gusts of wind would shake my tent and wake me up. I guess all this wind was blowing in dust.

I wiped my face with my smelly hiking shirt. Wiped my cooking pot the best I could with a (dirty) sock. I don’t have clean socks. Nothing I have is clean. Oatmeal, last of the blueberries, last of the croissants. And there won’t be more because USPS is not open today.

Goat Rocks was amazing. Don’t know what else to say.

All This and Heaven Too ( started playing in my head as I walked on top of the ridge. I put it on in my headphones and sang my heart out. “All my stumbling phrases never amounted to anything worth this feeling” I could see the trail for miles and I was all alone.

Ran into many SOBOs on the way down. The fire alternate was overgrown. But it was overgrown with blueberry and huckleberry bushes. So I hardly minded.

Crossed a creek about a mile…

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