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Day 53: Dentist

I chewed through yet another set of retainers, so today I have an appointment to scan my teeth for a more durable set. I take Tommy because somehow I forgot I was taking care of a newborn when I made this appointment. Walk there is a breeze. He looks up at the trees and coos when I talk to him.  He's sleeping when we get to the office. I ask if it's ok to take the stroller into the room with me, like I have any other choice if they say no. I say, "He should sleep through the whole thing." He starts stirring and whimpering when she's not even down with my bottom jaw. My mouth is spread open with one of those lip stretchers. I'm worried I'll scare Tommy if I go check on him haha. By some miracle he calms himself and only starts crying when she's finishing up scanning my mouth. My beloved hygienist peeks in and rocks the stroller to calm him down. I tell her to pick him up! She takes off the gown and picks him up. I can't believe this is my life. I

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