Day 134: Goodbyes

Mom left today at 5:30. I hateeee saying goodbye. I hate hearing her move around the house in the morning listening for whether she's gone. Especially with Tommy, it feels so final. He's changing so fast, the next time she sees him (in July), he's going to be a whole new boy.

Yesterday when I was hysterically crying after Tommy's bedtime, mom looked at me and told Alex: "It's because she didn't go on a walk. She's emotionally tired, but not physically" hahah Point taken. I wanted to get out of the house for a walk this morning. We walked to La Chataigne at 7:50. It was a gorgeous morning. We got 2 croissants and a canelle (which I now realize I was pronouncing wrong). Ate them on the way home and left no crumbs.

On the way home Alex cracked me up by pointing out Rent-a-Fence. "What if we rented a fence and just had that as our fence. We'd pay for it every month. Fence as a service." Made me laugh so hard. Hard to tell why.

Another walk at sunset to attempt the stroller one more time. Tommy is just not a fan. I don't think I've ever had a stroller walk with him where he didn't end up in a carrier for at least some of the time.

Alex got me a much asked for molcajete for Mother's Day and on a whim, while seasoning it, I decided I was going to host a chips and guac party for my mom friends. We were discussing the logistics of serving guac at a party and Tommy suggested we need 2 molcajetes. "Guys, are we poor?" Made me laugh really hard again.