Day 130: Air bath

When Tommy wakes up for the day (around 6:30) I always think I'm going to hand off to Alex and get like 35-45 min of more sleep. Instead I get up to empty my haakaa and since Moos tags along to the kitchen, I want to feed her and give her some attention. By the time I get back in bed, there's a little boy in Alex's arms smiling at me. And how can I go back to sleep then?

Trying to work with Tommy in the next room is not productive. He makes so many delightful sounds. I spent lunchtime picking up a piece of yellow fabric via my Buy Nothing Group and going to the grocery store where I bought beef shank for borsch, bananas for oatmeal, and 5 pints of Van Leeuwen's ice cream because it was on sale. Felt very weird (relaxing?) to drive without Tommy.

Tommy got a fresh air bath outside. His skin seems to be pretty sensitive, but seems to do better when we do some naked time every day. Thank god for summer!

He is getting SO strong. He is really picking up his butt and getting his knees under himself during tummy time. Also getting good at holding a stick and being lifted to sitting and standing with the stick. I'm sure he's like a regular baby growing every day, but to me Tommy is the most miraculous boy who has ever lived.

After Alex came home, my mom and I were running around using power tools working on the skylight shade for Tommy's room. Reminded me of this scene from Step Brothers.

Got a little sad later when putting Tommy to bed. He's so perfect and I'm going to miss bedtime once he's too old for it. I want him to grow up and do something shitty already so that he can be imperfect like the rest of us.

One more night of carnita leftovers. For dessert we tried all the Van Leeuwen's flavors. Peanut Butter Brownie Honeycomb was a standout. Wowwwee.