Day 190: Steak


We had therapy this morning (trying to settle our backyard budgeting dispute) and Tommy was just crawling around and around. At one point I realized he could hear us and it made me want to be nicer to Alex haha

Red week continues. Today we cooked up $30 of bone-in ribeye (reverse sear, obviously) for lunch and shared the bone with Tommy. I don't think he was able to get any meat off, but he happily sucked on it for a while. Definitely more into strawberries.

Since he's such a dangerous crawler these days, we changed our nighttime routine and put him to bed in his room. He was waaaayyyy too amped up. At one point, he was crawling on top of me, smiling, and grabbing parts of my face as I was trying to sing a lullaby. I was waiting for Alex to drop in so I could say: "This is going well", but he was dutifully cooking dinner (chicken burrito bowls).