Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Gift

Vova went to Russia for his Winter break. We've always talked about getting grandparents a computer one day. Ever since the iPad came out (and we saw this video of an old woman using one) we thought we might give them one. Over a few months we've decided that a computer would be a better choice because we couldn't video chat on an iPad.

Naturally we went to Apple products. We contemplated getting an iMac, but making Vova and his gf (E) carry that was too much hassle. We decided to get a Mac Mini! After much hassle at the Apple Store (ugh, bank of america) we finally left with a brand new Mac Mini (but without Vova's driving license and my Chex Mix).

Vova and I set it up with Russian language, got them gmail accounts, AIM screen names, Skype names. I installed English Rosetta Stone, put pictures in their iPhoto and configured their Safari to have bookmarks they would enjoy. In Russia Vova got a monitor, keyboard and webcam. It was all ready!

Grandma cleared out a corner to put a little hacked up desk-like structure. And FINALLY, E (Vova's gf who also went to Russia) took this picture. It warms my heart. I love it! Look at them using that trackpad.


Today the microphone on the camera stopped working. (Actually, I don't know when it stopped working. I just found out that Vova tried Skyping grandpa and Vova couldn't hear him.) We got on iChat and I requested to share his screen. The mic showed up as an "Unknown USB device". I looked online for people having the same problems and they said to go to Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup. That's just what I did and it looked like the mic was muted for some reason. Apparently Logitech webcam does that sometimes. I got it fixed and was able to hear him from then on.

Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 10.36.37 AM

Yaaay! So glad we did this, Vova.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Los Angeles, You Suck (EE, you do too)

It's the middle of January. I recently purchased a space heater. Got my thick comforter and sweaters out for the winter. A and I were planning on making lots of soups, stews and casseroles. I sewed a soft cover for my heating pad. We were all ready for winter.

We used the space heater for 3-4 days the first week of school. It has been like shave-your-legs weather the past couple of weeks. I waited as long as I could, thinking it would go away and cold will settle in. No such luck. I finally gave in, took care of my legs and I was glad I did.

Today I walked to campus wearing shorts and a t-shirt and I was sweating like a pig. Came back and checked the temperature on our outside thermometer. 86.5 F. WHAAAA? In the words of A, "Are you shitting me?"

I hate this! I want to wear sweaters, thick socks and mukluks. I want to make a hearty minestrone soup! I want to wear my peacoat or down jacket to school. I want to cuddle up with my newly covered heating pad. But nope! LA has us turning on fans instead of space heaters in January.

On top of it all I walked to school for NOTHING! I was struggling with my EE 115A homework and wanted to go to office hours. But guess what? My TA didn't show up. Gaaaaah. Just when I thought I couldn't dislike Electrical Engineers more.

Dirty, dirty, dirty dog.