Los Angeles, You Suck (EE, you do too)

It's the middle of January. I recently purchased a space heater. Got my thick comforter and sweaters out for the winter. A and I were planning on making lots of soups, stews and casseroles. I sewed a soft cover for my heating pad. We were all ready for winter.

We used the space heater for 3-4 days the first week of school. It has been like shave-your-legs weather the past couple of weeks. I waited as long as I could, thinking it would go away and cold will settle in. No such luck. I finally gave in, took care of my legs and I was glad I did.

Today I walked to campus wearing shorts and a t-shirt and I was sweating like a pig. Came back and checked the temperature on our outside thermometer. 86.5 F. WHAAAA? In the words of A, "Are you shitting me?"

I hate this! I want to wear sweaters, thick socks and mukluks. I want to make a hearty minestrone soup! I want to wear my peacoat or down jacket to school. I want to cuddle up with my newly covered heating pad. But nope! LA has us turning on fans instead of space heaters in January.

On top of it all I walked to school for NOTHING! I was struggling with my EE 115A homework and wanted to go to office hours. But guess what? My TA didn't show up. Gaaaaah. Just when I thought I couldn't dislike Electrical Engineers more.

Dirty, dirty, dirty dog.


  1. Yeah, Los Angeles sucks, Penza rules. (We had -6F today.)


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