Eaten Too Fast

I made Mom's apple pastry a couple of months ago. I just found the pictures I took for it, but there are no pictures of the final product. I remember I had to leave for ultimate while it was still in the oven, but I have no recollection of what happened next. Either somebody already ate a piece, or I was really hungry when I came back and ate it without thinking twice about a picture for this blog.

All the apples were cut while I was sitting at the computer watching a House episode. No cutting board (a la Mama G).

(These were also the apples from Costco I was carrying when I ate shit on my board.)

It was noted in the previous post's comments that "food" label has surpassed everything else (by a wide margin). Even JT. GASP!

JT and I made ice-cream sandwiches a while ago.


I have two midterms next week. Algorithms is on Tuesday and Computer Architecture is on Wednesday. Summer school is hard and I certainly didn't get the easiest professors. (I did get one REALLY good TA.)

Check this. Multi-cycle implementation of a processor has been omitted from the newest edition of our textbook. We were forced to buy the new edition, of course. Professor Tamir thinks multi-cycle is so important that he is emphasizing it on the midterm. Last homework on multi-cycle was so hard, I nearly cried. I'm sure he has his reasons. He is extremely smart and is a really interesting person to talk to during breaks. But I can't help it but be upset because multi-cycle implementation is the only material that I don't fully understand and now have to study.

It is study time. Only break this weekend = making Pasta e Fajioli!

My fourth most-played song on iTunes.


  1. Summer School Sucks! I hope you get a good break at some point. But, you will make those mid-terms cry for mommy, and thanks to Professor Tamir's focus on multi-cycle, you will have achieved the complete mastery of the subject ("multi-cycle implementation is the only material that I don't fully understand") that random people on the internet and others have come to expect from you. You were gonna try to slide by without really getting multi-cycle! I hope this "its good for you" comment helps you in your moment of pain :P

  2. Did you wtfpwn the midterms?

  3. I sure did, Narcissus. Thanks for asking!


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