Two things:

1) I just finished the design project for my Operating Systems class. We implemented a file system in the last lab. We have to do one design project (it's like solving another problem in addition to the lab) and I chose crash testing the file system that we built. Another lab is due on Friday and I haven't even started (GAH!), but I'm glad this is over with. It is Week 8. Where did the time go? Our Digital Systems design project is still in the works and I will be heading over to the lab tomorrow for the day.

Anyway, design project on file system crash testing - CHECK!

2) I had a first pass for my classes yesterday and I actually used it. (I usually forget when to sign up.) I signed up for CS 131 (Programming Languages) and EE 115A (Analog Digital Circuits) and I'm glad I did.

I was going to switch sections, so I just checked the enrollment options. Look at this. All of them are closed! The enrollment hasn't even gotten to Juniors yet. Agh.
I believe it has to do with who is teaching the class. I had the option of taking it this quarter but I opted out because Professor Abidi was teaching it. (Check out his reviews.) He literally failed 30+ students out of his 60 student EE 115A Circuits class Spring quarter. So, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to click Add Class when we didn't see his name.

On the other hand, it's an 8 am class. Ouch.


  1. Мы ничего не поняли. Надеемся получить разъяснение в чате.

  2. Seeing Prof. Abidi's portrait and then reading "he enjoys picking on people with accents" was a slight shock. "I think he has some sort of mental issue" and "he will insult you in class" were also gems.

  3. you should check out the article that was written about him in the daily bruin

    guess who this is?


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