Sigh of Relief

I just finished my finals! This winter quarter I took the following:
  • CS 131 - Programming Languages
  • CS 118 - Computer Networks
  • CS M152A - Digital Design Lab
  • EE 115A - Analog Electronic Circuits
I had 2 finals on Saturday and 2 finals today. Each final is 3 hours, and both days they were back-to-back. I hate tests, but I usually do surprisingly well on them. These last two exams were HARD. So glad it's behind me now. I'm glad that the two Professor Eggert classes are over! I might never have to take his class again. He is a wonderful professor. I love his lectures, but his assignments are time consuming.

On a different note, this past weekend I noticed that Jasmine is blooming again! It's all over UCLA neighborhood with it's wonderful scent. I had picked a tiny branch on our street a few days ago with Amber. Today after the finals I ventured back to that spot to pick a larger branch. Ah, it smells so good!


I wish we had one growing on our balcony.

I am officially on spring break! How exciting.


  1. Congratulations, and Happy Spring Break!

  2. Well, now, James, buy two tickets to Russia and spend your spring break in Penza! :-)

  3. He doesn't even have the same spring break.

  4. I guess you are ready to accompany James on a trip to Penza even during his break. :-)


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