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I just stumbled on this store from Joanna's blog. How cute is this raccoon? I have one of my own from childhood. It's a good looking Russian raccoon of the brown variety, but it does not have chambray shorts with red suspenders and a plaid bandana! *swoon*

This handsome guy even has a backstory. "Chester the Raccoon is a mischief-maker who is usually found scheming his way out of a pickle." Am I too old to like this? But honestly, it's $98. That's like a month's salary for my parents. They'd never buy me this. It just would not be fair if by the time I finally am earning enough money to afford cool toys I'm too old to get myself an awesome raccoon friend.


  1. Ну, нет. Сейчас мама получает порядка $700 a month.

  2. Maybe the $98 price tag confirms it's "cool" ?

  3. Vasili and Tatiana GalchenkoSeptember 8, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    When you were little, я получал 150 рублей в месяц, что составляет $5. :-)

  4. I would love to see your Russian raccoon :) thanks for liking Chester!


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