On Being Humbled


I made s-e-v-e-n cakes the Bee's Class Reunion party. Pulling this off in my tiny kitchen required more planning than I'm used to, but I think it turned out great! I baked and froze the layers, the bundt cakes, and the cheesecakes in advance. None of them suffered as a result of being frozen for a couple of weeks. All that was left to do the day before the party was make the tiramisu cake (too fragile to freeze), make frosting/graze for each cake and assemble. It was so quick that I had time to make nearly 140 servings of deviled eggs.

Sue and Barry's high school mascot

The whole ordeal left me so cocky of my cake-making abilities, that I thought I could do no wrong making a cake for one of my coworker's birthdays 2 days after the party. 

That night was a series of unfortunate events:
  • I ran out of cake flour and tried to make my own;
  • instead of buttering the pan and parchment paper I sprayed it with canola oil spray;
  • pulled the cakes out and flipped them over too early because I was tired and wanted to sleep;
  • I ran out of powdered sugar for the frosting, so I thought I would just swing by the store on my way to work and add some there.

Just when I thought I had the 3-layer-cake-making thing in the bag, I was put in my place. It was a terrible, too sweet, leaning to one side, pathetic attempt at a cake. I better get my act together because oh-no-big-deal-omg-what-did-I-sign-up-for-I'M-MAKING-A-WEDDING-CAKE next month!


  1. Ah, the classic tale. The hubris of great success leads to a fall from grace; but wait, the hero, duly chastened, may yet achieve redemption! (Not always in the form of a wedding cake).

  2. Эх, нафаня! :-) Ну, ничего, и у твоей мамы бывали неудачи. Ну, а Бакалоровским одноклассникам понравились твои торты?

  3. Your cakes were amazing!! Loved the Indians!! People requested recipes! And...they loved meeting you!! The wedding cake will be wonderful! You can do it! It is great that you can create these cakes and then people enjoy them so much!!

  4. OK, Sue answered my question. Thanks, Sue!

  5. Cake and deviled eggs, it doesn't get better than that. They look really good! What did you frost the cakes with?

    1. Different things. The chai tea cake had a honey-ginger cream cheese glaze, the tiramisu cake had a whipped marscapone and espresso frosting, chocolate bundt was topped with ganache, lemon bundt was covered in lemon glaze (obvs!), cheesecakes didn't have a frosting. My favorite vanilla cake had this sour cream frosting that is totally amazing and not too sweet and everything a frosting should be!


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