Lovely Album

I've been loving Rhye's music so much. Cannot believe it came out over a year ago, and I've only discovered it recently. Makes me wonder what else I am missing out on...


  1. Olga. I LOVE Rhye! I was listening to "Open" for months:)

    1. Oooh. Open. I'm a foooooooool for their music. I love the little interlude that Open starts with before the beat drops. Makes me so excited for the song. :)

      Anna! You need to post your music suggestions. I could've been listening to Rhye months ago!

    2. I totally agree! (I followed you on Spotify btw, and I'll look for more of your favorite sounds there) . I am such a sucker for a consistent style on the blog that I haven't embedded any playlists yet in lack of stylish options, but I AM thinking about SMC player. I might add a list there before the summer!

    3. I haven't used Spotify in a couple of years. I should remove the link to it. I switched to Rdio. (For the most vain reason: it looks better!)


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