Post-Vacation Gratitude

first breakfast at home!
my first breakfast at home (i missed avocados!)

I got in at 7:50 pm last night, and this is the first of my 4:30 am jet-lagged mornings. I had a great time on my impromptu vacation around Scandinavia, but I'm soooo happy to be home. This morning, my heart is filled with gratitude to the people who made my trip possible:

mama - for taking care of my cats and sending me a ton of cat photos. I love those two more than life itself. Leaving them with mom, I didn't have a single worry about whether they were fed or played with or loved.
anna and sigurd - for graciously sharing their beautiful Olso apartment on such short notice and making me feel totally home.
forrest - for inspiring me to travel, and persuading me to take the fjord tour. It was so totally worth it.
alex - for so many things including but not limited to: taking my call at work and letting me talk about the worst restaurant experience, updating me on airport gate changes, finding out what track the train I almost missed would be on, moving my (manual transmission) car to appease my neighbors, coming over to play with the cats, and giving me the best homecoming ever. I got to come home to avocados, eggs, the bread I like, tulips, and steak. It was completely unprompted. If it wasn't for Alex, I would surely be eating European candy for breakfast.

Even though this was a solo trip, I couldn't have done without this bunch of awesome people. Tusen tack!


  1. И отдельное спасибо папе, который вытащил тебя в Москву перед твоей поездкой в Скандинавию!

  2. Vær så god :D Og takk for at du kom på besøk!


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