Water Damage

I broke my beloved Canon 6D on a backpacking trip on my birthday last year.

In the stupidest way, too! I dunked it in water while chasing a salamander. No big deal. Just dry it out, I thought! I took out the battery, and dutifully didn't turn it on for a week few days. It turned on, which was promising, but then the shutter started releasing on its own. Wahhh.

I sent it in to Canon for repair, and they came back with an estimate of $1,319.05. Noooooooo. I've been borrowing trusting people's cameras ever since. Until...

...super thoughtful, generous Alex got me the camera of my dreams for Christmas!! Whaaaaaat?! And a fine lens on top of it, too! I know. I still can hardly believe it.

It's so different from my much used and loved 6D, I'm still getting used to the Sony. Between dogsitting and binging on Making a Murderer, I hadn't had time to experiment much with it yet. And that's where this weekend comes in!

Happy Friday!