Happy birthday, cats!

Tig and Moos are 9 today. How?? They're still shittens to me.

Here's a snapshot of what they're into these days:
- Tigger used to be a strictly no lap cat, now she's all lap, all the time. Sometimes she tries to jump on my lap when I'm using a standing desk.
- Moos' favorite toy is the Yeoooww fish.
- Tigger will run and jump under the covers with me when she hears I'm going to bed then come out 5 seconds later and settle by my feet.
- Moos has taken to stealing human food (even baked goods!). I find it endlessly adorable. She would come over to my plate when I'm eating dinner and I would give her little bits of whatever I'm eating. Alex has kindly asked me to stop doing that, and I did only after it came up in couples therapy. (Now I leave little bits of my dinner in her food bowl.)
- Every evening, as the sun sets, Tig sits directly in the sunbeam in the kitchen and grooms. Her pupils are the most narrow then.
- Moos started putting a toy in her mouth and walking around the apartment yowling if she thinks we're not home. I'll call her to let her know where I am and she drops it and runs over. It breaks my heart to think that she does this when we're actually not home.
- Tig is the most annoying 60-30 minutes before dinnertime (7 pm). If I get up to do anything after 5 pm, she'll drop whatever she is doing and run over to the kitchen while chirping and meowing thinking I'm getting up to feed them.
- Moos is the most annoying in the morning when she's hungry. She licks my face, my hair, my armpits, bites my phone (if I dare to use my phone before she gets breakfast).

I love these two so so much.


  1. You know what really enlivens a middle aged cat’s life?


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