Welcome, Copernicium!

JT and I made cheapie-cheap steak sandwiches. After spending $75+ on the lamb dinner for Valentine's Day I decided it was time to scale it down a bit. Lamb was $20/lb, this steak cut is $3.99/lb. We got a block of cheddar cheese, french bread ($1.49) and a bell pepper. I had onions and barbecue sauce. (Sue, I used my favorite, Claim Jumper barbecue sauce that you gave me, for this sandwich.)
It turned out really well. JT cut the steak and bell pepper into strips and pan fried the steak. I cut the onions and sauteed those along with the bell pepper. Bread was toasted with some olive oil and voila, you have a delicious steak sandwich.

Other news:
I am participating in SS12, a coding challenge, this weekend. I'm really nervous because I don't feel like I can contribute to my team. I'm sure there will be people who are a lot more experienced than I am. I hope it's not a complete fail and I can feel good about it. For now, I'm trying to find excuses to back out. (Just kidding. I've decided I am definitely doing this, even if that means I have to shit a brick and burst into tears while feeling completely useless.)

Atomic number 112 was officially named Copernicium last week, February 19th 2010, on Copernicus' 537th birthday! How exciting. I, personally, think that Copernicum would've been a better name. Alas, nobody consulted me. (Fools.)


  1. I imagine Vova would have preferred the sound of Copernicum also, plus, the hard c seems easier to pronounce.

  2. Мама: "Выглядит очень вкусно! Молодец, экономная моя дочка! А в игре побереги свою коленку. Купи всё же бондаж для неё, если тебе так важны эти игры.
    Удачи в SS12!"


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