Finals Stress Relief

Tillie is the silliest dog in the world. I like to confuse her by trying to look like a dog and chasing her around the yard. She likes to give kisses in return.

I have my EE 102 final at 8 am tomorrow. Can't wait until 11 am! I really don't like that class. Business final on Friday and then Hello, Spring Break (and new classes).

I can't believe another quarter has gone by. It seems like I was just taking last quarter's finals.


  1. "Tillie is the silliest dog in the world."
    Вероятно Tillie думает, что ты самый глупый человек в мире, встаёшь на четвереньки, лаешь и думаешь, что этим ты запутываешь Tillie. :-)


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