Happy 200th, Chopin!

Dear Frederic Chopin,

Today was supposed to be your 200th birthday. Unfortunately you died over 160 years ago. It's a real shame you can't be here to celebrate. I wish we had invented some kind of a miracle potion that would make you live forever and create beautiful music. But mostly I wish you could read this Wikipedia article. You were quite a playa.

Anyway, I've been trying to learn this Nocturne of yours.

I know you are most likely turning in your grave at the sound of this atrocity. You probably can't even recognize your own composition, but I'm really trying. Maybe don't make it in this stupid key next time. (Chill. I'm only kidding, it's perfect.) With any luck by the time you are 201 I'll be able to play the whole thing well. (Don't hold your breath.)

I wish I could shake your hand,

PS. You know they found this piece on your desk after you died? You break my heart, Fred, you break my heart.


  1. Perhaps, he wasn't personally pleased with the piece yet?


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