Happy Mother's Day!

I can't believe it has been a year since last Mother's Day. I very clearly remember typing out a post for last year's Mother's Day. We did pretty much the same thing this year - Souplantation for breakfast and dinner at home. This is what I ended up wearing. I got this dress for free as a hand-me-down from Sue's friend's daughter. I wish I had taken a picture with E because she was dressed very pretty.
No earrings still. I got hit in the ear with a frisbee disc while I was wearing earrings. The earring pierced the back of my head and tore up the pierced hole a bit. It's pretty much healed by now but I'm scared to wear earrings now.

For dinner Mark and Barry made 3 different kinds of ribs and I made a raspberry cheesecake. It turned out really well.

On a different note, I played scrabble and got 74 points for the word "alumnae". Very proud of myself.


  1. Great word. I had to look it up.

  2. You looked beautiful and all the food especially the cheesecake was wonderful!

    You need to deal with your ear soon or it could close up! Find something easy without a back that would squeeze. Then lots of cleaning each day with solution.

  3. Оля,ты великолепно выглядишь! Это мой любимый стиль в одежде!И твой пирог выглядит очень аппетитно.Маша,Толик


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