Merry Christmas!

From rainy California to wherever you are, I hope you are having an awesome end of December. I still have a week of my break left and I already got to play some ultimate in the mud AND reconnect with my friend.

This is the whole mud ultimate crew. Before picture.

It rained quite a bit here in Southern California this past week. James and I were noting how much fun it would be to go out and play some and then Monique invited me to this game. Ahhhh! It was the most awesome. You could not change direction, accelerate or slow down without eating it. Our team lost pretty bad. But we were playing against the team who had Gabe, Melissa, and James. Those three are BEASTS.

James guarding me. NO BREAKS!

I had to leave after an hour and a half, so I'm not in the after pictures but this should give you an idea of how the game progressed.

Another game on the 29th! Yaaaaay! Merry Christmas.


  1. Cool! А у нас тут оттепель, всё потекло. :-( +4C.


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