An Addition to the Family

Meow, meow! I adopted 2 cats from Kitten Rescue!

(from the left: Moosya, Tigger)

Meet Moosya and Tigger. They are both girls. I know, I know. It's confusing I named a girl a boy name. My rationale is that they're really "it"s. They've been neutered. I often say "he" when referring to Tigger. If Tigger could talk, I think she would forgive me.

I love these cats. I've always wanted to have a cat and always knew I would get one when I got my own apartment. When I was apartment shopping I was definitely keeping cats in mind. My requirements were: gas stove, no tiled counters in the kitchen, window in the bathroom and kitchen and vaulted ceilings and big windows for the cats. Apartment shopping was a pain in the ass, but I'm really glad I didn't settle and found this perfect one. It was the LAST one I looked at and it met all of my requirements. How lucky is that? (You might say "meh", but you'd be surprised how difficult it is to find an apartment with a gas stove.)

I am just noticing that I keep saying "cats" as if I knew I was getting two cats all along. The truth is I really wanted one cat. But Kitten Rescue really did not want to give me one cat (unless it was an adult that would rather be alone) because I am at work most of the day. I struggled with the decision for a long time, but I had grandiose training plans for the cat and I wanted to be sure she'd be on board. It ended up working out OK and I knew what I was signing up for, but man, it's a lot of work. I love them both and couldn't part with either one at this point, but it would've been a lot easier with just one kitten.

So, anyway, after reading two kitten books and a ton of online materials I ventured out to look at cats at an adoption event. I originally thought I was going to get tuxedo kitties and I probably would have if they weren't so sleepy that day. I picked these two sisters because they were trying to catch a fly in their cage, and that's just the kind of playfulness I was looking for.

The next week was the WORST! I had to WAIT. After 10+ years of wanting a cat I had to wait one more week?! They're crazy. I kept myself busy by doing various home improvement and getting cat accoutrement. I wanted to put up shelves for them to play on (I read that they like to have a vantage point), JT helped me put them up. They really love the shelves. They can get a running start from the kitchen, hop on the couch, first shelf, second shelf and then the top one. I'd like to put carpet up there for traction. I keep thinking they are going to slide right off when they're going so fast.

I have a lot more to say about cats, but I think this is enough for today. I'll leave you with this adorable picture.

Aren't they cute?


  1. Pretty cute I guess. :P

    I hope they appreciate the cat paradise you've created. :) I like how they always have their collars; not going to lose them, are you, just in case someone breaks in and lets one out.


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