A Triumphant Return to Blogging

Hey, there! It has been a while. I'm not good with apologies, so if it's alright with you I'll just skip it. Anyway, HEY! How is it going? Is anyone still reading this? What's new?

Well, a lot is new on my end. Let's start with the obvious.

1) I got a job. I've been working at Final Draft, Inc. for almost 4 months now! I love, love, love, love, love it here. I am on the iOS team (I get to develop on iPad app). I still can't really figure out how I landed such an awesome job. I have the best team. They are supportive, they are fun, and we get shit done. I work with these oafs.
(from the left: HB, J-Money, SB, yours truly)
I don't really know what else to say about it other than how much I love it. I am learning so much here, and couldn't possibly have a better team to work with.

2) I am renting my own apartment in Thousand Oaks. That was a weird change.
What I love:
- I can play music when I'm cooking
- not closing doors
- fridge/freezer space!
- control over lights (not worrying about waking people up)
- my yellow kitchen
What I hate:
- rent is expensive
- can't share food!
- can't cook for anyone (and my favorite pancake recipe makes pancakes for 2)
- lonely :-(

I'll post a picture of the kitchen soon! Stay tuned for the biggest news of all news.


  1. Yay, Olga! That sounds great! Well, except for the "what I hate" part. :P

    You are, however, a horrible horrible tease. ("Stay tuned for the biggest news of all news.") In my curiosity I checked another google owned service and I think I got my clue. :) If that's not THE news you are leaving out some major news!

    Since you asked, and I don't want to be rude, me, I resorted to watching a few episodes of Russian Dolls when your blogs slowed. (OK, maybe that's not the real reason). I am scarred. Putin could use that show to end the emigration debate. I need to catch up.


  2. Haha. Yeah, I think you got it.

    Regarding Russian Dolls, a few people told me about the show and they said that it was like Russian Jersey Shore. I've never seen either. Sounds crazy.

  3. Hey! When can we come visit you and your KITTENSSSSSSSS?!


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