How Russian Are You?

My very first (not job related) app is in the app store. No big.

Just kidding. I AM COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY EXCITED! So excited, that instead of making dinner right now I am typing this.

My brother tried to get me into developing iOS apps back when it wasn't even called iOS. (Hey, I'm kind of old!) So, we sat down and brainstormed this app into an idea. He walked me through how to do it all, and this project has actually been sitting around on my computer for a couple of years. I finally decided to tie up all the loose ends and submit it to the app store. I was completely expecting Apple to reject it for a variety of reasons. So I am totally surprised and excited that it actually came out.

I'm giving you, as loyal readers of i ♥ cs (read: mom and dad), an extra screen shot of the app. I know, I know. I'm a giver. It's who I am.

It's free, you guys. So, you should get it (before Apple realizes that they've made a huge mistake and pull it)! It's not a groundbreaking app by any means - it was an introductory project for me to get into iOS. And it's really meant as a joke between my brother and I. I'm working on a cooking-weights-conversion app right now. But that probably won't be out for a while.


  1. I've never would have thought of this. But this is so fun! Love it! (I just wish I had an iPhone so that I could test it out.)


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