Sweet Break-Up Article

Photo via craponthecob

I just read this article on breaking up that Joanna posted. It was such a sweet reflection on a sensitive topic of telling people about your loss.

I see a lot of people reach out to their friends and families for support after a breakup. "I needed to know that I was not inherently unloveable. I needed people to agree that she was a colossal idiot." It's even worse with the advent of Facebook because you can see your ex reaching out to people and they say things like, "She wasn't that great anyway" or "You'll find someone better." Well, awesome. Thanks, guys. Maybe send a text next time.

I do the opposite. I avoid telling people until I absolutely have to. I resist moving things around, taking pictures down, getting rid of ex's stuff. It's as if changing things means I accept that it's over. So, 6 months later, I still have smiling pictures of the past on the shelves. I suspect they'll stay that way until I move.


  1. Different people have different ways of tackling a break up. But the thing about using Facebook in such a manner is terrible I think :( I hope you are feeling better after what has happened! It is the best thing when you can accept that what has been was good, even though it isn't there anymore.


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