The Day I Rode in a Convertible

Top Knot

Today was the farewell lunch for my dearest coworker - KT. She is the lady who phone-screened me, who welcomed me to the team, who drove me to my first lunch at work. She is the only person in engineering who looks pulled together every single day. She rocks the wedges, the scarves, the dresses, and the cashmere wraps while the rest of us are clad in fraying jeans and college sweatshirts most of the time. If it wasn't for K, I'd be wearing pajamas to work.

We went to Malibu Seafood for lunch. Seth (my teammate) and I got to ride with KT and RM in a convertible. (Neither Seth nor I had never been in one before!) It was incredibly fun, like a roller coaster. I tried my hand at the top knot with my day-old hair. It was super easy, I did it at my desk without a mirror. I have to say, it held up surprisingly well in an open-top car ride through the canyon.

Top Knot

We'll miss you, KT.


  1. The top-knot is a go-to for me ... it's great because you can't really mess it up! (famous last words)

    1. hahah! Can't jinx it! I've had good luck so far.


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