Bye-Bye August


Did the summer fly by for you guys? Maybe it's the fact that I'm working, but I feel like we just skipped the summer. I went to the beach a total of once, and even that was when my company was having a beach day at CEO's beach house. I didn't get to go backpacking, or swim in any lakes. Bleh. This whole not-having-the-summer-off thing is for the birds. (JK, work is soooo much fun.)

I am still determined to get out and go swimming in the ocean a couple of times. End of August and September is when the water is warmest and swimming is the most fun. I'll look for sand-crabs and then run and dive under the wave. It's exhilarating.

Did you do anything fun this summer?


  1. Wow, I really didn't. Thanks for pointing that out and rubbing salt in the wound, Olga! But I shall follow your fine example and try to do something cool here before summer ends. Maybe taco bell.

    Have fun at the beach!


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