Speaking of career changes. Forrest traded Yelp for funemployment 5 weeks ago. Now, he walks around saying nonsense like, "weekends are more relaxing now." lol.

Besides saying ridiculous shit, he has a standing bet with Vova about gym visit frequency. Vova's $1000 says (or dinner at The French Laundry), Forrest will fail to go to the gym at least 90 of 180 days (started 3 weeks ago). It's 12/23, so far.

Another goal that Forrest set and met is walking 100 miles in a week. That's more than a half-marathon/day! He did it last night. Ballin'! Remember when I ran 100 miles in a month?? A month! And that was tough.


  1. Way to go, Forrest. I'm impressed. In fact, I'm inspired to renew my gym membership and get back in shape. Not today, but tomorrow maybe. Or the next day, for sure. ;)

  2. What happened to your Fitbit, Olga?

    1. Um. Let's see. The one that went through the washer? Or the one I couldn't find for 6 months because I left it on my infrequently used pajama shorts?


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