Exciting News

I joined Remind! Proof: my mug on the team page (in the last row with the dogs, where I truly belong :).

Leaving Bitcasa (only after ~10 months!) was a really tough call to make. I made so many great friends there, and learned a ton as the lead dev on the team. Ultimately, it came down to figuring out what has been lacking in my experience as an engineer.

For most of my short career, I was assigned the lead role on projects. Certainly, I've appreciated the responsibility entrusted in me (and like to think that I've done well with it). But when Vova and I worked on Cake a few months ago, I saw just how much faster I was learning when there was somebody more experienced to guide me.

Joining Remind put me in an environment where I am learning from peeps more senior than me every day. And since it's a small company (~35 people), I can still have a lot of impact. Call me enamored (it has only been 2 days), but it is exactly what I hoped it would be.


  1. Sounds great. They do a good website (incl. on mobile). I'm sure you will be the dogs' favorite in no time.


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