Have a Relaxing Weekend

Is it Friday already?! Work has been super busy and fun (perhaps because my most fun teammate is in town :).

Hack day was this week. Since we recently launched Remind in different languages, my brilliant coworker thought of the perfect hack day project to delight our non-English speaking users. The ability to translate feed messages à la Facebook's "See translation" button. The dream-team totally crushed it. I'm super stoked to present it today.

I am pretty bummed about this weekend, though. Remember when I was getting scuba certified in, um, December? Well, I did the pool test then. But am yet to do the open water certification. It has been getting cancelled every available weekend, it seems. :(

Ah, well. This weekend is for ... ? Maybe I'll finally develop that roll of film from Europe? I don't know! All bets are off. What are you up to? Anyone binge watching House of Cards this weekend?