Shower Hack

photo via joanna

Gather 'round, friends. I think I stumbled upon the best invention in shower technology since body wash. I can't believe it's taken me this long to try...

...a shower speaker! You connect your phone to it via bluetooth, and queue up your gettin' clean playlist or an audiobook (may I suggest this), and go to town. How cool is this thing? It even has buttons to go to the next/previous track.

I used to think showers are such a boring waste of time. But now that I can uptown funk it up, I use the time to do an eclectic celebration of the dance. And that's time well spent in my book. :)

Would you try it?


  1. I would, but I'd probably end up just using it for music as spoken content would have to be interrupted too soon. Did you get one or just planning?

  2. Totally got one. It's awesome.


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