Yesterday was mama's first anniversary of living in the US!

Even though I remember quite well how I felt one year in, it's safe to say she and I have had a very different experience. It certainly wasn't an easy first year for me, but her struggles are tough in ways I probably will never fully understand. She is amazing. I am so proud of her.

Mama's 1st year in numbers:
- we shared a one-bedroom apartment (and a queen-sized bed) for 341 days
- 3 tries to pass her drivers' test
- almost no English --> first job (as a sales associate!): 6 months
- 4 backpacking trips + a 2 week vacation of having 0 worries about cats
- watched 4 seasons of Modern Family
- roughly 350 hours of back-scratching



  1. amazing. sending y'all warm hugs!

  2. Your mother is amazing!! And you (and your story) is just as amazing :)

  3. And her father is even better! :-)

  4. Congratulations to her! Time for 10 seasons of Friends?


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