Every Open Eye - CHVRCHES

I haven't been this excited for an album to drop since, I don't know, probably something lame in early 2000s. (Britney, anyone?) CHVRCHES' second album comes out September 25th, and I am counting down the days.

I thought CHVRCHES was going to be one of those bands who release one killer album and then nobody hears from again until they make something meh 5 years later. On the morning of July 16th, I tuned in to Sveriges Radio P3 and they played something amazing that sounded like them, but wasn't a track from The Bones of What You Believe. Could it be new?? When they said "CHVRCHES är tillbaka", I couldn't belive my ears.

Spotify, iTunes, YouTube didn't have anything new. My Swedish is not super great. Could I have misheard? (Maybe they said "This band that sounds like CHVRCHES is back." :) Finally, Alex found Leave a Trace on some illegal leaked music website. And I'm pretty sure I played it on repeat all day.

Every single they've released so far has been amazing. I've read some reviews complaining that they've gone pop. Maybe. Do I give a shit? NOPE! It sounds awesome. Can't wait for next Friday!

P.S. How cool is the album art?