Cookbooks Borrowed

I love cooking almost as much as I love cookbooks. My cookbook shelf, that's always threatening to fall and rain heavy books down on me, is a testament to that. In addition to all the classic cookbooks I wish I could have, there are exciting new cookbooks coming out all the time. It's torture.

A couple of months ago, while adding Midnight in Chernobyl to my holds at the library I decided to take a gander at the Cookbook genre. There they were, all the books I restrained myself from ordering on Amazon, available to pick up now. Incredible.

I pounced on Dinner by Melissa Clark. Her recipes on NYT cooking (see here and here) are the ones I come back to over and over again. And this book is no exception. I kind of got stuck in the chicken section at first, but listen: this cookbook titled Dinner has an Eggs section. Be still my heart.

Anyway, I just wanted a place to document all the recipes I cooked and loved from borrowed cookbooks and not have to hit the Renew button on my library loan for the fourth time.

Dinner: Changing the Game by Melissa Clark
Garlic-Chile Chicken with Cucumbers
Mustard Chicken with Ginger and Tangerine
Vietnamese-Style Skirt Steak with Noodle Salad
Did not make anything memorable from here.

Simple Cake by Odette Williams
Tried a couple of cakes and neither was "anything wow" (as Lena would say).

Now & Again by Julia Turshen

Simply Julia by Julia Turshen