29 - A State of the Union Address

july 28, 2019 // gobernador canyon road

Well, it's been a while. I didn't do one of these the last couple of years. But this year is the 30th year of my life! And I do like reading these back every so often. Do I still have acne in the future? Yep. Do I seem like a baby at 25? 25 does seem young, but you look the same.

I think the last few years I've been overestimating my age in my head. So, I'm honestly surprised when I do the math and realize I'm not 35 yet. 29 feels so young! But at the same time, it's crazy to me that 2009 was 10 years ago. Wat. This blog is 10(!!!!) years old.

Here's some of what's going on in my life right now:
- I'm in therapy. The last time I went was a few sessions in 2012, and that was with a therapist I had worked with for a long time in 2007-2008. This was long overdue. I've been going since beginning of May. I was really hesitant to start because I didn't want to rehash my whole life with someone new, but I feel like I've developed a trusting relationship with my therapist now. I feel so safe and heard in her office (even if it does cost a boatload of money).
- These scones and blueberry muffins are still weekend breakfast go-tos for me.
- Kind of new weekend go-to: Saturday morning run at Huddart Park.
- I did Sweat with Kayla for 15 weeks this spring/summer. I definitely got stronger, but I looked the same.
- Alex and I had what you might call irreconcilable differences earlier this year, but somehow we're still finding a way to reconcile them.
- Shadow (the cat downstairs) died, and my neighbors got two black kittens (Lola and Michael). They're outdoor cats, so we get to enjoy their antics from our balcony.
- Work is hard. Everyone is brilliant and knows how to talk about their accomplishments. I'm really struggling with the whole performance of work aspect of work (writing emails about your projects, project proposal documents, presentations) and it's really hard to stand out without knowing how to do that part.
- On the bright side, there are so many people to learn from at Airbnb. I'm over the moon with my mentor, especially - Amie.
- Still making videos, but I finally switched from Final Cut Pro to Premiere. It was a steep learning curve, but I'm happy I made the jump because I feel a lot more effective with keyboard shortcuts now.
- Learning stuff feels good, but I still get too frustrated sometimes.
- I can count on one hand the pieces of clothing I bought in the last year, but I am a lady who spends $166 on snake face oil now. Lol.

Like I say year after year, I'm truly grateful for my life. The person who started this blog 10 years ago never even dreamed of the amazing life I have today and I'm so proud of younger me for getting myself here.

Forever and always, I'm grateful for Tig and Moos. Grateful for the way Tig pushes her face through the door when I get home every day, and the way Moos flops down on the floor and rolls around when she sees me. :)