Dinner for One Bowl

This is what dinner alone looks like in 2021. Here's 20152014, 20132012

I've always been down to eat whatever, but I really feel like I've expanded the flavors that I cook with nowadays. Fish sauce and miso paste are in constant rotation. And I learned a really handy trick for processing fresh ginger, which made a weeknight recipe that calls for fresh ginger a reality.

So grateful for my daily dinner practice to make such a variety of textures and flavors accessible to me.

I found myself alone for dinner last Friday. I procrastinated dinner decisions and kept working until way too late -- 9 pm. Finally peeled myself off the desk chair to roast some Brussel sprouts, make the tiniest portion of rice, and soft boil 2 eggs. (Loosely followed this recipe.) At 9:25 I snapped this photo. Cooking is magic.


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