Steak Salad for One


My anxiety about making dinner for myself is well documented. I usually end up not eating, or eating cheese until I'm full. Not last night. Last night started (like all great dinners start) with steak.

I usually reserve making this recipe for when I have a bunch of people over. But I discovered that it scales perfectly for one hungry human (+ a spoiled puppy).

The only part of that recipe you need to follow is the salad dressing. Even though you'll only use a spoonful of it, do yourself a favor and make the amount the recipe calls for. Trust me on this, you can put this stuff on cardboard and it'll be delicious.


There are a couple of non-negotiables here: steak (obvi), thinly sliced, crispy potatoes (because potatoes in a salad, people, you can't go wrong). Everything else is optional. I didn't have the patience for pickled onions, or the will to head out to the store for cucumbers, so I skipped those. A quartered radish? Yes. Half an avocado? Absolutely. Add a handful of greens, and you're set!

I wish I had more of these kind of recipes in my back pocket. Is it too late to make that a new years' resolution?


  1. That's what you call burying the lede.

    1. Hahahahha. Are you referring to the puppy?

    2. Yeah! Puppy-sitting or new member of the household?

    3. I wish! I'm just puppy-sitting. I didn't mention anything because I thought Biscuit would be fairly recognizable from here.


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