Have a Fun Weekend!

photo by todd selby

This week I managed to:
- lose my wallet on the #225 train
- come this close to getting a ticket for riding without my pass (it was the weirdest thing. they couldn't write tickets that night. lolwat. idk, ran out of ticket paper?)
- recover my wallet via caltrain's lovely lost and found (linking for future use :)

Special thanks to the special mama who actually went to the lost and found office for me. I'm so lucky! Of course, I was half-hoping I wouldn't find it and need to purchase a new wallet. (This and this were already on standby.)

It seems like I've had something planned for every weekend since Thanksgiving. It has been a crazy fun streak, but this weekend is for spontaneity (and maybe replying to that one email I've been putting off)! Plans or no plans, let's have a fun weekend, hm?


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