First Ski Trip '14-'15

photo by alex

I went on this ski trip just over a month ago. Though it feels like it has been ages. So much has happened. (I mean, I didn't even have a proper ski jacket, nor a ski mask then. Amateur hour.)

I've always thought of skiing as a solo-activitiy (and felt sorry for all the people waiting in the non-single lines). This was my first time skiing with someone else the whole time. It was very fun! And made waiting for lifts infinitely less boring.

We hit our first lift around 9, and skied without stopping until after 3. Shortly thereafter, we burnt our mouths on bbq chicken pizza, gulped down giant glasses of water, changed into sweats in the parking lot, and drove home.

I made a little video, if you'd like to see:

Throwback thursday, amirite?