Male Characteristics

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You'd think that with a longer commute, I'd be finishing books left and right. Nope. Since starting at Remind, I've only finished one book. I find that if I have more time on the train, I'm more likely to take my laptop out and start working.

I'm slowly working my way through Lena Dunham's book. Have you read it? She's so down to earth. I feel like I'm chatting with a friend when reading it. (Even if it's a friend I mostly don't get.) And because it's broken up into fairly short sections, it has been the perfect book you can pick up whenever.

Just wanted to share one of the passages I highlighted:
I have been envious of male characteristics, if not the men themselves. I'm jealous of the ease with which they seem to inhabit their professional pursuits: the lack of apologizing, of bending over backward to make sure the people around them are comfortable with what they're trying to do. The fact that they are so often free of the people-pleasing instincts I have considered to be the curse of my female existence. I have watched men order at dinner, ask for shitty wine and extra bread with a confidence I could never muster, and thought, What a treat that must be.
- Lena Dunham in Not That Kind of Girl


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