Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer is One Week Long

I had a week to relax and catch my breath after Spring quarter. Summer school has started. One week down, seven more to go. It's not bad, I am taking really interesting classes, but let me tell you, my week off was nice. Lots of sleeping in, piano, reading, dancing, cooking and beach-going. My best compadre, JT, even endured a shopping trip with me. (He got yellow crocs!) On my last day off JT baked me blueberry muffins and we rented Youth in Revolt.
IMG_3129 IMG_3131

Have any of you seen this spectacular movie? It is great. I first discovered it at the $2 movie night at UCLA. E, V-rock, Jay-Z and I went. We didn't have very high expectations but it was super awesome. I had forgotten how explicit it was when I asked if M, JT's little sister, wanted to watch it with us. So, for all of you virgin eyes and ears, don't watch it. The rest of us can appreciate the humor in "Oh, I see. You're putting counter-rotational torque on the rod." At some point JT was laughing so hard, he was bouncing his butt on the couch and it broke! One of the underlying boards just cracked.

There was also a lot of Tillie-dog playing the last day of my summer.
I love that last frame where she jumps to catch the ball in her mouth. What a good girl!

I got a new dress! I love it. I love dresses in general, but I especially love this one. It's from J.Crew.

And as if all that wasn't enough JT made me the most delicious turkey burger on the planet with lots of avocado. Mmm.

You might have also noticed that I finally got around to photoshop-ing my ghetto-ass looking banner. Yay.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Phoebzers Got an Oil Change

I don't blog about Phoebe a lot. It's a shame. Phoebe is my trusty car. It's a Saturn Ion 2003, purchased for $2,050 (after some price shanagling) of hard-earned street performing money in October, 2009. I decided to name it Phoebe after looking at the names of Saturn moons.

Did you know Saturn has 61 moons? It's true.

One of the bigger ones is named Phoebe. Also, one of the characters in The Catcher in the Rye is named Phoebe. So, the name stuck.

Phoebe has only been to the mechanic once; a day or so after I purchased it to fix air-conditioning. (The cooling worked, but it wasn't blowing very hard.) I got ripped off $80+ just so they could replace something that wasn't broken in the first place. Asses. I can't believe it. Then they had the nerve to quote me $400 something to get another part that they thought was going to fix the blowing mechanism. Barry then found the part for $32. I bought it, JT installed it and it has been working well ever since. And I don't know if I'll ever trust a mechanic again.

JT and I have been doing all the maintenance ourselves. (By "JT and I" I mean mostly JT.) Phoebe needed an oil change, so that's what we did. It's not as hard as it seems. It's actually quite fun. I enjoyed it.

My fave project partner, JT, bringing me just the right tool to unscrew the filter.

The old and the new filters. See how black the oil is? It's almost clear when it goes in.

Reflection in the oil.

Friday, June 18, 2010

We Be Ballin'

This was a few days back. We broke out the ball after being inspired by game 3. Disregard all the green we are wearing. This was an oversight on my part.

M is going for a 3-pointer jump shot. Look at that technique. Fisher in the making. (Tillie is in the background refereeing the game.)

I can't play basketball, but it's so much fun to try.

JT runs for that fast transition.

I am dating this superstar of a boy.

Tillie refereed with her duck. (Bark twice if you see a foul.)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Love the Lakers

We did it again. (Yes, I wrote "we". I attribute this victory in part to myself for cheering on my favorite team from the couch.) Such exciting 7 games of the NBA Finals, especially the last game. MAN. I lost all hope in the 3rd quarter and decided to make brownies in which to drown my sorrow. 1st quarter was awful. Kobe was so disappointing in the first 2 quarters. And those free throws! Was it 3 for 8 in the the first quarter? Agh. We pulled it out in the 3rd-4th quarter. But barely. I feel like most of the 4th quarter points were free throws. I don't know why the Celtics are so foul heavy.

Most inspiring player this season for me was Derek Fisher.
He seems to always be there during the fast transitions. He manages to stay on D pretty well. But mostly, I think he is a really cool guy. Yes, yes. I deduced that from his interviews.

One more thing, the Spaniard is AMAZING. All those rebounds! That accounted for a lot of Laker points and it's all thanks to Gasol. He also happens to have the biggest mouth (physically) and looks like a madman every times he shoots or scores.
Is anyone else strangely attracted to this madman?

Anyway, LA Lakers are the superior team and I couldn't be happier today. What a way to end my 1 week off school. I am dancing again! It's so nice. Ballet started this week (JT already dropped out) and two summer CS classes are starting on Monday.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finals Time (and the Living is Hard)

Good news: only two finals left.
Bad news: the hardest two finals are left (CS 124 and EE 110)
Terrible news: my last final is on Friday. Agh. I've never had a final that late.

The end of Spring quarter is always bittersweet. There are summer adventures to look forward to, but I'm also moving out and saying goodbye my graduating roommates. I don't like to think of myself as sentimental, but I really think I am. I am the worst nostalgist. It wasn't even all fun and games. There have definitely been rough patches - from having to clean dishes that lovely roommates have left in the sink for over a week to having hard-ass shit fall on my foot when opening the freezer and then spending 20 minutes playing tetris trying to fit it all back. I'm sure I wasn't the perfect roommate by any standard either. I sing when I study. Enough said.

This is I, Jay-Z & Tall-J. Tall-J and I shared a room. Our room is our neat haven, it is the place I would sit and weep softly to Tall-J when somebody would use my pan and not clean it for 6(!) days. In the spirit of roommate honesty I will also say that she frequently smoked me out of my room using excessive amounts of hairspray early in the morning. The moment our bathroom door opened and the hairspray hit my nostrils I would either have to evacuate or stick my head out the window and continue sleeping.

Roommates not pictured are Tiny-J and Elusive-E. I believe I've posted pictures of tiny-J before, but I do not have a single picture of the Elusive-E (hence her name).

Barry and I just watched the 3rd NBA Finals game. Lakers won! COCKASS! I was getting a little worried in the 3rd quarter, but they definitely came back at the end of the 4th. Lots of good calls from the refs (a lot of which weren't in our favor). Rondo is big douche. Fisher was on top of his game. LOVE HIM! His interview right after the game was so touching I almost cried. Pau-Pau is not as hott this year. I don't know. He is more cute than hot.