Summer is One Week Long

I had a week to relax and catch my breath after Spring quarter. Summer school has started. One week down, seven more to go. It's not bad, I am taking really interesting classes, but let me tell you, my week off was nice. Lots of sleeping in, piano, reading, dancing, cooking and beach-going. My best compadre, JT, even endured a shopping trip with me. (He got yellow crocs!) On my last day off JT baked me blueberry muffins and we rented Youth in Revolt.
IMG_3129 IMG_3131

Have any of you seen this spectacular movie? It is great. I first discovered it at the $2 movie night at UCLA. E, V-rock, Jay-Z and I went. We didn't have very high expectations but it was super awesome. I had forgotten how explicit it was when I asked if M, JT's little sister, wanted to watch it with us. So, for all of you virgin eyes and ears, don't watch it. The rest of us can appreciate the humor in "Oh, I see. You're putting counter-rotational torque on the rod." At some point JT was laughing so hard, he was bouncing his butt on the couch and it broke! One of the underlying boards just cracked.

There was also a lot of Tillie-dog playing the last day of my summer.
I love that last frame where she jumps to catch the ball in her mouth. What a good girl!

I got a new dress! I love it. I love dresses in general, but I especially love this one. It's from J.Crew.

And as if all that wasn't enough JT made me the most delicious turkey burger on the planet with lots of avocado. Mmm.

You might have also noticed that I finally got around to photoshop-ing my ghetto-ass looking banner. Yay.


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