Phoebzers Got an Oil Change

I don't blog about Phoebe a lot. It's a shame. Phoebe is my trusty car. It's a Saturn Ion 2003, purchased for $2,050 (after some price shanagling) of hard-earned street performing money in October, 2009. I decided to name it Phoebe after looking at the names of Saturn moons.

Did you know Saturn has 61 moons? It's true.

One of the bigger ones is named Phoebe. Also, one of the characters in The Catcher in the Rye is named Phoebe. So, the name stuck.

Phoebe has only been to the mechanic once; a day or so after I purchased it to fix air-conditioning. (The cooling worked, but it wasn't blowing very hard.) I got ripped off $80+ just so they could replace something that wasn't broken in the first place. Asses. I can't believe it. Then they had the nerve to quote me $400 something to get another part that they thought was going to fix the blowing mechanism. Barry then found the part for $32. I bought it, JT installed it and it has been working well ever since. And I don't know if I'll ever trust a mechanic again.

JT and I have been doing all the maintenance ourselves. (By "JT and I" I mean mostly JT.) Phoebe needed an oil change, so that's what we did. It's not as hard as it seems. It's actually quite fun. I enjoyed it.

My fave project partner, JT, bringing me just the right tool to unscrew the filter.

The old and the new filters. See how black the oil is? It's almost clear when it goes in.

Reflection in the oil.


  1. If only JT had just the right tool for the Deepwater Horizon... I hear its drain plug isn't quite torqued to factory specs.


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