Finals Time (and the Living is Hard)

Good news: only two finals left.
Bad news: the hardest two finals are left (CS 124 and EE 110)
Terrible news: my last final is on Friday. Agh. I've never had a final that late.

The end of Spring quarter is always bittersweet. There are summer adventures to look forward to, but I'm also moving out and saying goodbye my graduating roommates. I don't like to think of myself as sentimental, but I really think I am. I am the worst nostalgist. It wasn't even all fun and games. There have definitely been rough patches - from having to clean dishes that lovely roommates have left in the sink for over a week to having hard-ass shit fall on my foot when opening the freezer and then spending 20 minutes playing tetris trying to fit it all back. I'm sure I wasn't the perfect roommate by any standard either. I sing when I study. Enough said.

This is I, Jay-Z & Tall-J. Tall-J and I shared a room. Our room is our neat haven, it is the place I would sit and weep softly to Tall-J when somebody would use my pan and not clean it for 6(!) days. In the spirit of roommate honesty I will also say that she frequently smoked me out of my room using excessive amounts of hairspray early in the morning. The moment our bathroom door opened and the hairspray hit my nostrils I would either have to evacuate or stick my head out the window and continue sleeping.

Roommates not pictured are Tiny-J and Elusive-E. I believe I've posted pictures of tiny-J before, but I do not have a single picture of the Elusive-E (hence her name).

Barry and I just watched the 3rd NBA Finals game. Lakers won! COCKASS! I was getting a little worried in the 3rd quarter, but they definitely came back at the end of the 4th. Lots of good calls from the refs (a lot of which weren't in our favor). Rondo is big douche. Fisher was on top of his game. LOVE HIM! His interview right after the game was so touching I almost cried. Pau-Pau is not as hott this year. I don't know. He is more cute than hot.


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