Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gift of the Rest of My Life

photo via lofts (it's exactly what it sounds like, and it's awesome :)

I recently stumbled on this article, and it really stuck with me this week. I can't stop re-reading this part:
If he hadn’t texted because he didn’t like me, was that so bad? Relationships shouldn’t be about suckering people in with some sanitized version of yourself, only to spring the real you on them later. [...]

Maybe he had seeds of doubt and realized what it takes a lot of other people years to figure out: that those seeds of doubt can spread tendrils through your body until they eventually strangle your heart. And then five years later, you’re having dinner together and all you can think is, “This isn’t right.” But by then, it’s too late.

It was better to take notice now and bow out gracefully. Better to save us both years of indecision, resentment and desperation.

Maybe by not texting, he had given me the gift of the rest of my life.

Especialy at the beginning of a new, exciting relationship, you agonize so much over every little detail. Was I too foward? Did he not get my sarcasm? But, why? In reality, he either thinks I'm the best thing ever, or he doesn't care at all. And if it's the later, oh well. A text wouldn't have made any difference.

This is such a freeing way to think about failed relationships, don't you think?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Have a Cozy Weekend

Hello, weekend!

I just finished presenting my #hackweek project at Remind. It involved cat gifs.

During the demo my hands were shaking so much that I trigged our app's Rage Shake feature which brings up a screen to report a bug. :) I had to acknowledge how nervous I was, put down the mic, and try to hold my phone steady with both hands. Thankfully, everything else went off without a hitch.

We have nothing planned for this weekend. I'm looking forward to... sleep! Hope you have a cozy pre-Thanksgiving weekend.

P.S. This was the first gif sent via Remind. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015



You know those meh feelings that you can't quite put a finger on? I've been feeling like that the last few days. It might be the winter blues, or the horror in Paris, or facing the terrible history of humankind (via this book).

I'll leave you with a beautiful poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends-
It gives a lovely light.

Sending you hugs and warm feelings!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Interview with Your Future Self

At 18 years old, Stoney Emshwiller interviewed his older self. He records various reactions for every possible answer to questions. 38 years later, at 56, he finally faces his 18-year-old self.


(via cupofjo)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Trip to Big Sur


Alex and I just got back from our third hike to Big Sur hot springs this year. (The first time feels like forever ago!)

Our campsite was covered in yellow and orange fallen leaves. It was beautiful. The sun set so early (~5), and the moon was nowhere to be seen. From the hot springs to camp was about 3 miles. We hiked it in pitch black, stopping every once in a while to turn off the headlamps and look at all the stars.

The weather was perfect for hiking, although it was a bit too cold just for hanging out at camp. You could see your breath! We made a fire, warmed up our frozen hands, and cooked sausages on sticks. :)


Unfortunately, the last time we were there, I ruined my very expensive camera by dunking it in the water. So, these are the only two (iPhone) pictures I took on this trip. :(

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Knowledge =/= Understanding

I was tying my shoes the other day, thinking about all the mechanics my hands are doing for this really mundane task, when I remembered about this video.

Premise: guy tries to ride a backwards bicycle. Turning right turns left, and turning left turns right. It takes him 8 months! His 6 year old son does it in 2 weeks. And when he tries to switch to a regular bicycle, something weird happens.

Favorite moment: his son has almost got it, and the dad gets this mad scientist voice and says "Get up, you got it!" :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Home Again

photo from jenna's instagram

After being away from home for the month of October, I'm pretty stoked to stay in this week. The chilly weather (mid-60s, don't laugh) doesn't hurt either. It's just cool enough to make you want to linger in the kitchen to make a tiny chocolate cake, or just burn a scented candle (this one!) after dinner.

What are you excited for this week? Anything?