Gift of the Rest of My Life

photo via lofts (it's exactly what it sounds like, and it's awesome :)

I recently stumbled on this article, and it really stuck with me this week. I can't stop re-reading this part:
If he hadn’t texted because he didn’t like me, was that so bad? Relationships shouldn’t be about suckering people in with some sanitized version of yourself, only to spring the real you on them later. [...]

Maybe he had seeds of doubt and realized what it takes a lot of other people years to figure out: that those seeds of doubt can spread tendrils through your body until they eventually strangle your heart. And then five years later, you’re having dinner together and all you can think is, “This isn’t right.” But by then, it’s too late.

It was better to take notice now and bow out gracefully. Better to save us both years of indecision, resentment and desperation.

Maybe by not texting, he had given me the gift of the rest of my life.

Especialy at the beginning of a new, exciting relationship, you agonize so much over every little detail. Was I too foward? Did he not get my sarcasm? But, why? In reality, he either thinks I'm the best thing ever, or he doesn't care at all. And if it's the later, oh well. A text wouldn't have made any difference.

This is such a freeing way to think about failed relationships, don't you think?