Another Trip to Big Sur


Alex and I just got back from our third hike to Big Sur hot springs this year. (The first time feels like forever ago!)

Our campsite was covered in yellow and orange fallen leaves. It was beautiful. The sun set so early (~5), and the moon was nowhere to be seen. From the hot springs to camp was about 3 miles. We hiked it in pitch black, stopping every once in a while to turn off the headlamps and look at all the stars.

The weather was perfect for hiking, although it was a bit too cold just for hanging out at camp. You could see your breath! We made a fire, warmed up our frozen hands, and cooked sausages on sticks. :)


Unfortunately, the last time we were there, I ruined my very expensive camera by dunking it in the water. So, these are the only two (iPhone) pictures I took on this trip. :(


  1. Don't forget about our Ringtail Cat spotting!

    1. Yasss. Alex spotted one of these when we were flossing our teeth. Neither of us knew what it was, but it was real cute.


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