Have a Cozy Weekend

Hello, weekend!

I just finished presenting my #hackweek project at Remind. It involved cat gifs.

During the demo my hands were shaking so much that I trigged our app's Rage Shake feature which brings up a screen to report a bug. :) I had to acknowledge how nervous I was, put down the mic, and try to hold my phone steady with both hands. Thankfully, everything else went off without a hitch.

We have nothing planned for this weekend. I'm looking forward to... sleep! Hope you have a cozy pre-Thanksgiving weekend.

P.S. This was the first gif sent via Remind. :)


  1. Поздравляем с успешным завершением проекта!

  2. Reminds me of my favorite cat gif ever: http://goo.gl/dc38qU . (For all I know I got it off this blog)


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