Banana Crêpe Cake


You guys, I made my very first crepe cake. I've first become aware of the crepe cake through Julia Child's cookbook. I swiftly filed it away as something far out of reach for me. Then I watched as Deb made this gorgeous crepe-layered-toasted-sugar-cap-wearing cake. I continued to sit on the sidelines. A couple of weeks ago she made yet another crepe beauty and I decided to give it a try.


I followed her, may I note, original recipe. This lady is just amazing. I would not dare to make up any recipe, let alone a crêpe cake recipe. I mean, the name of this recipe has a weird e-hat (ê) letter. How do you do it, Deb?

I made the crepe batter on Saturday (it has to rest overnight), but got sick the following morning. Ugh. I felt better by Monday and told myself that there was no way I was letting go of my crepe dream. I was soooo close.


The crepe making was a blast! I thought it would take forever, but it was surprisingly fast. I turned on some tunes to dance around in the kitchen to. Backup singer lip-syncing to You're the Inspiration made me mess up a crepe. You have to close your eyes when you're singing, people!

Of course, I was cooking at night, so the pictures came out less than optimal. I really wanted to take a picture of Moos overseeing the cake-making process. She weaves through my feet and meows when I'm in the kitchen until I put up a step ladder for her to jump on and watch from. Her tail was dangerously close to the stove a couple of times, but she was intent on staying and watching.


The filling came together quickly, even though I didn't read the instructions all the way through, and just dumped all of the filling ingredients in the bowl instead of whipping the yogurt separately. And I was able to start filling the cake soon after I finished making the crepes. I just made sure to flip the stack of crepes and start from the crepe that was finished first. You know, [geeky joke warning] the basic FIFO (first in first out) structure, also known as queue!

I decided I'd make the butterscotch topping in the morning, and almost burned my apartment down. I put the nuts in to toast in the toaster oven (MISTAKE!) and went to wash up in the bathroom (MISTAKE!). They were burnt to a crisp. So, I omitted the nuts in the topping. It was nevertheless delicious, but not as sweet as I expected it a crepe cake to be. It's definitely breakfast-sweet level, not dessert-sweet (at least on my scale of sweet).


I'm definitely looking forward to making another crepe cake (a dessert one) soon! I don't know what took me so long. Probably because my mama is so damn good at making crepes. She would gasp at how thick these are and how much batter I'm pouring into the pan to make one crepe. Her crepes are practically see-through.


  1. Looks delicious ;)

    I like your blog and I am a follower now.

    Check out mine:

  2. Я рада, что ты всё-таки сделала это! Я всем рассказываю, как ты хорошо готовишь и никогда не умоляю твоих достоинств.

  3. Мама тут говорит: "Я бы, конечно, смогла сделать блины тоньше, но выиграло ли бы от этого блюдо в целом..." :-)


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